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What is the urgency of Voice?

Ever since I became a voice evangelist and developer I regularly got feedback that what I shared wasn't enough to divert resources to a Voice project. Let’s amend that with this post.

Are you one of those believers who pesters their CEO or other types of executives with the pitch that Voice is the next big thing and “we” should get on board? Use this! Are you a CEO or executive? Pick one of the three arguments and get going!

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Voice will never be the next web

Many are over enthusiastic about the new Voice channel. Including me. Yet the more I talk with companies who have a big stake in retail and data it is clear that at the foundation there are large issues to overcome. Who gets the data? Who owns the shopping cart? When will you need to pay? The solution to these issues lies not with the two main market makers Google and Amazon but with the stake holders brands and organizations. They need to collaborate and form the Voice Task Force to ensure at least a layer of common good. Want to join?

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The troops are amassing on the voice front

Amazon is expanding their Alexa team in leaps. Apple lost and what is Google doing?

Amazon has 1128 job openings across 15 Alexa teams. Locations range from the US, to China, UK, Romania, Germany, Japan and other places.

Roles are mostly technical (no surprise) yet not too many voice UX designers. Like mobile apps, that will be done by the global contingent of developers.

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5 Redenen waarom voice op het punt van doorbreken staat

Deze week ben ik naar Parijs voor de eerste Europesche conferentie over voice. Amazon is er, Google ook. De organisator is, een maker van een Voice platform. Dat wat je nodig hebt om de stem applicaties te maken. Als opwarmer hier een overzicht waarom voice op doorbreken staat in Europa.

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Wat is ‘Voice’, Amazon Alexa, Google Home en Apple Homepod?

Voice? Nee, niet de Voice of Holland. Het gaat hier over de praatpalen van AmazonApple en Google. Het zijn staande speakers die men in de huiskamer of keuken zet en mee praat. Vandaar ‘Voice”. Prijs is tussen de € 50 tot € 350. In Nederland zijn ze nog niet verkrijgbaar. Binnen 3 jaar is er 16% adoptie bereikt in de VS. Dat zijn zo’n 40 miljoen stuks die in huishoudens staan.

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